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Kaffir Lime Oil

Essential Oil

Botanical Source: Citrus Hystric DC (Rutaceae)

Category: Essential Oils

Sub Category: Natural

Appearance: Liquid

Content: citronellal linaool

Organolptic: Citrus, lime, fruity

Process: steam distillation

Packaging: 1kg, 5kg, 20kg, 50kg, 200kg

Plantation location: Blitar - Tulungagung, East Java, Indonesia

CAS: 91771-50-5

EINECS: 294-942-1

Advantages & Applications:

Each part of the kaffir lime offers something different, whether it be the leaves, fruit, oil or rind. The leaves are often found in many Thai dishes in particular in soups and sauces like Tom Yum soup.

The strong flavour is caused by high concentrations of citronellol, limonene and nerol. Not only are these beneficial to the flavours but are the reason why kaffir lime has so many health benefits associated with it.


In a nutshell you can summarise kaffir lime as providing benefits to help detoxify blood, promote good oral health, stimulate digestive system, reduce appearance of scars and wrinkles, good insect repellent, strengthen immune system and good male hair & scalp scare (as it reduces the process of balding and prevents dandruff).

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